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Smart Locks and Keypad Locks

Smart locks and keypad locks are the best way to go keyless and keep your property safe. These locks provide a modern solution with many benefits to commercial and residential properties.

Smart locks provide a keyless system so there is no need to keep track of keys, or change your locks when a key is lost, stolen or misplaced. Enter the correct code on the keypad and you are good to go.

Smart locks also use a keypad but are integrated with the internet and have become very popular with short-term rentals and on the go families. These locks are controlled with an app which allows for audit trail, locking/unlocking, code changes all at your fingertips. The owner/user can utilize the keypad to enter the code or the app to enter the property.

Non connected keypad locks allow you to unlock your door with a code, no key required! This is a great alternative to go keyless if you do not need continuous access to your lock. It is also a more cost effective option on residential properties.

Popular Keypad Locks:

  • RemoteLock - Connected - App & Computer Controlled - Subscription Fees
  • Schlage Sense - Connected - App Controlled - No Fees - Needs Hub
  • Schlage Encode - Connected - App Controlled - No Fees - No Hub
  • Yale Assure - Connected - App Controlled - No Fees
  • Schlage E-Rental Lock - Connected - Computer Controlled - No Fees
  • Yale NexTouch Lever - Connected
  • Schlage Keypad Deadbolt - Not connected
  • Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton - Not connected
  • Trilogy - Can be connected with Networx
  • Adams Rite E-Force - Not connected

Let Coastal Lock & Key, Inc. find the right solution that meets your security and budget needs. All of our solutions are reliable, secure, and durable.

Smart Lock
Smart Lock