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Rekeying your home

Rekeying your home can be an important step to keep you and your family safe and Coastal Lock & Key, Inc. can change the keys to almost every lock sold today. Changing the key to your lock is called rekeying. Rekeying makes all old keys useless. We can rekey your home to make all your locks work with one key. 

The most important part of a rekey is that the old keys will no longer work with your locks which means all past occupants are now locked out. We can change the keys on doorknobs, deadbolts and more. 

Reasons to Rekey:

  1. You purchase or rent a new home. The old occupants, neighbors or friends could have a key which would allow them access your home. Change your keys now because you and your family’s security is number one. 
  2. Break-ups are hard but it is another great reason to get your home rekeyed. 
  3. Your keys are lost or stolen which means now is the time to take precautions to keep you and your family safe. 
  4. Things in your house mysteriously go missing which could be a sign that the home wasn't rekeyed when you moved in. It could be a dishonest neighbor, a former contractor, or even a babysitter that was given a key by the former tenant or owner.
  5. You have multiple keys that open different locks to your home and you want all the locks on one key system.
  6. Service providers have copies of your key and no longer need access to your home. 

Rekeying your home is an affordable and easy solution to keeping you and your loved ones safe.